Friday, August 17, 2007

Zap You're Frozen Shut Down

In case some of you heard, I am now the communications director for the NO MMP Campaign. We are working to give information to Ontarians about this MMP scheme and we are working to make sure this proposal is defeated.

Since some bloggers on the Yes Side are twisting my words and accusing me of being a Provincial Liberal backroom boy, I've decided to shut down this blog. Let us not forget all the wonderful acts of character assassination that I've read on the blogs about Yours Truly. Oh well.

By the way, Scott Tribe, many thanks for defending me against those people. I appreciate it.

All the posts - a la Kinsella - have been been deleted. If you must know what I've written, I've saved everything on a Word file. Just ask for it. I might give it to you.

This blog might come back. But I very much doubt it. My PhD will soon be done, NO MMP is eating up all of my time, and to tell the truth, life is more than just arguing on the Internet. I leave that noble task to Kinsella and Cherniak.

Have fun and keep reaching for the stars.

Sincerely Yours,